Amos Aviation was founded in 2008.  Dan Coffey was running a flight school at Rowan County Airport and was in the process of relocating to Florida for a position importing the SportCruiser Aircraft.  This created the opportunity to start Amos Aviation.  The school started with one SportCruiser that met the new Sport Pilot rules that had just been created in 2004.  Since there were not many Light Sport Aircraft in the area we had students coming from as far as Virginia and South Carolina.  Sport Pilot is still very popular at the school but some students wanted other types of aircraft so we added a Diamond DA20, Cessna 172, and Cessna 150.  

My Story

My name is Davey Amos and I always had the desire to fly from an early age but did not have the funds. Later in life I started and grew a lawn care business which was sold and the profits were used to start my aviation career.  In 2007 I started rotorcraft training and received my pilot certificate in 2008.  There was a nice looking aircraft called the SportCruiser at Rowan County Airport and I thought it would be nice to fly it, so in 2008 I received my airplane and sport flight instructor ratings.  My original plan was to have a career as a helicopter pilot but I was contacted by Dan to help deliver new SportCruiser Aircraft and then was approached for a pipeline patrol position.  Since then I have gone on to add a commercial, instrument, full flight instructor, multi-engine, glider and glider flight instructor.